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Expat Coaching


ExpatWhile working as career coach , I have developed a professional expertise in EXPAT COACHING thanks to several years of collaboration with a global leader Company in Career & Life Transition Services for Expats & their Partners (International Competencies).

I offer a wide range of result-oriented and cost-effective training and coaching programs targeted at both Expats and Expat Partners, helping them address any personal challenges which may arise during international transfers.

  • Do you live and work in a foreign country, in a multinational company?
  • Your leadership style doesn't' matches with the Italian one?
  • Your family has followed you in a new context?
  • Your family has difficulty in adapting to the new life conditions?

Expat coaching can be of help!

As an expat, not only are you faced with new challenges in terms of cultural integration, role assumption, new responsibilities, but you must also deal with multicultural teams, dual career problems and family care.

All recent surveys show that these are the primary reasons for refusing a foreign assignment, and the main reason why expatriation fails.

To help you successfully overcome these challenges I offer a range of customized programs:

  • Cultural training to living & working abroad (4h)
  • Social integration (6h)
  • PartnerJob search coaching(12h)
  • Role assumption and leadership style (9h)
  • SOS Coach  (3h)

An Orientation Session is available to you free of charge.

For more details on these programs and a free orientation session, please contact me at or phone me at: +39.335.6270553


Born in Argentina, expatriated in Italy, Monica grew up in an international environment. Before becoming a coach, she first worked for a company specialised in plastics which gave her the opportunity to travel the world, and subsequently worked in the USA for a year. As a result of these experiences, she has developed a strong cross-cultural attitude and enjoys the diversity of cultures and styles coexisting in an international environment.

From 2006-2012

NET EXPAT (2006-2012 )
Career & Life Transition, Expat & Partners

Program Manager for expatriate managers of Multinational Companies in Italy. Delivered coaching to expat board members, assisted expat partners in their job search programs, conducted intercultural trainings; Certified ExpAdviser trainer.

A member of PWA in Milan, Monica participated in a Mentoring Program as a Mentor in 2010